Hakka people uphold the concept of caring for living things, cherish food, never wasted, always use a variety of ingredients, changes varied and delicious authentic Hakka cuisine people amazed, there are bound to be cultural characteristics of cultural and creative goods and the rich taste of hand-made DIY, came to Donshih as long as you can experience so stunning in ground characteristics!

Dongshih is located in Assisi, former farm life more hardship, it is particularly cherish food, farmers often use locally produced food, through various production methods, so that food can be stored for a long time, and developed a variety of sauces, make food more flavor, the famous early Dongshih "Dongshih Grandma," insisted ancient Hakka traditional homemade sauces; osmanthus osmanthus moon cake shop, peeling peppers and other processed foods, pickles gold mother, Hakka snacks honey plum, orange sauce, vinegar ⋯⋯ all kinds of fruit and other foods, authentic Hakka snacks, as well as various private houses cuisine, delicious fragrance, a real treat.

Dongshih used to be an important area of forestry development, currently reserved forestry Cultural Park; many early planting camphor tree, a hundred years ago it used to produce camphor oil, camphor story museum has a rich historical context; and in recent years people drink coffee, farmers began to grow from coffee trees, Dong Xiang coffee, Ruanbikeng coffee, which are very important assets in Dongshih, precious materials taken from nature, creating high-quality goods, to share the essence.

In recent years, began to pay attention to leisure, leisure agriculture tourism have fun depth of experience, has become a tourist favorite way to travel, Dongshih peasant counseling establishment leisure agriculture areas, the use of the land resources to satisfy tourists, such as: do your own wine, broad rice noodleDIY, Dioscorea cirrhosa fabric dyeing, painting, soap, Suu planting, etc., while planning a series of day trips to enjoy different culture, food, life experience, the absolute value of the fare.
Delicious food