Dongshih property rich, and exciting cultural history, local people's creative light of its own experience to create food and handicrafts, gift boxes Three fruit (pears, persimmons, citrus), homemade sauces, coffee production, local wine, a rare opportunity in life to experience Dongshih's best memories brought back souvenirs to share with friends and family, your tour tourist draw a perfect ending.

Taiwan seasons are produced delicious fruit, and Tai Po Hakka "pragmatic" spirit, to create a variety of delicious and healthy food, after counseling by farmers association, farmers play their respective expertise to create all kinds of characteristics Souvenir, such as dried fruit flavor and healthy - good luck persimmon,  Dongrong farm pear bottle, Donshih A-ma etc., are quite suitable to give friends and family a great souvenirs!
Souvenir Introduction