With red brick built into the winery, it is one among Taiwan's rural estate, the appearance of the rural rich variety of elements, and the use of local fruit wine brewing, and looks fresh and appealing sweet pear wine, as well as authentic Hakka cuisine and more with a few friends or family make their own wine, so full of happy holiday memories and happy memories!

Into Winery, a hint of wine filled the air, in order to provide high-quality wine, the winery is trying to find the sweet taste, shape and full of high-quality fruit, and then follow the traditional authentic Hakka brewing techniques, fine wine sweet wine, so that visitors can feel the fruit exudes a charming fragrance when taste.

Winery with local cooking practices "Tai Po Hakka cuisine", "Hong prunes meat", "dried radish egg", "fried ginger colon", "Hakka fry", etc., every food is quite delicious, whenever hunger the guests arrive, enthusiastic ladies who will flourish and cook a hearty Road "Tai Po Hakka food" to meet everyone's taste tired, rich Hakka materials, ground cooking technique, which is to lead Winery pride and a symbol of the potential of Dongshih "Po Hakka dishes."

Winery wine is no longer just a place, but also personally decorated bottles! They designed their own distinctive bottle, making a unique package for the trip back to a full commemorative souvenirs, ideal for family child, companies or associations, etc., or increase the emotional parent-child communication, adding a harmonious relationship and joy memories! DIY activities, please call in advance to make an appointment 04-25879197

Add:No.196-65,Donglan Rd.,Dongshi Dist.,Taichung City 423,Taiwan(R.O.C)
Tel:04-25879197 Fax:04-25879674
Opening Hours:10:00 - 17:00 (Monday, Tuesday no business, a national holiday open)