Taiwan has a totally natural ideal environment bred delicious seasonal fruit, you can about some friends or family members, came together this beautiful mountain city to experience the lives of farmers, experience the fun of fruit picking, and work together to create the best travel memories!!

Since June, the mountains and the pear tree laden with fruit, hand-picked sweet pears, bit off a crisp, juicy, sweet and delicious taste.

Between early autumn, it is the season of persimmon, persimmon hanging on the trees, off to savor its freshly plucked good taste.

In November, gradually turn red orange, harvest basket holding, fruity smell and feel the best taste!。

Donshih strongly cultivated a rich variety of organic fruits and vegetables, which not only bring people's health, but also a liberation of the land, so that agricultural land would be sustainable farming, and natural and harmonious coexistence !

Fruit on the tree is how to grow up? Work together to adopt a fruit tree! Just pay management fees of fruit trees, can hang brand, usually growers will help you take care of, at any time to visit pear growing, harvesting and also harvest pears, different pears to eat, but also for friends as a gift, it must take to participate in this year's "adopt-fruit"!

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