Here most of the Tai Po Hakka, full of rich cultural atmosphere, and full of local characteristics of Hakka, where you can read carefully Taiwan's history, the legacy of the past railway now converted into a bike path, as well as a variety of nostalgic style building for the past and modernity for the connection, so that visitors can experience the local culture still the most attractive charm!

Dongshih "Sindinban" night during the annual Lantern Festival, temples to the district center was established as the "Sindinban club", then if the family has another son, new grandson or great-grandson of new home with wedding and other wedding who must Lantern festival in the following year to the production of red turtle Ban temple worship gods, the Society also publicly available bonuses, to do every year in the largest and most severe for participants eager to make a huge red turtle Ban makes an annual event They are quite spectacular brilliant!
Time: Lantern Festival each year

Every summer, "pear Carnival" will always attract a lot of tourists in dongshih, activity from the development of "grafting pears", the results show, exhibition sale will go to the local communities involved in creative competitions, creative shows and other lively activities, become an annual celebration, agriculture and leisure play the most!
Time: six-year, in mid-July

"Carpenter master" in ancient China is an outstanding civil construction craftsmen, and their descendants to commemorate his great achievements, is known as the "Carpenter master" Dongshih Carpenter master are the first division Temple Founding of the first temple in the province, as the birthday of the seventh lunar month every year, this day carpenters, cement maker will be a grand celebration, especially men and women from around the world flocked may sound, has become a major religious event!
Time: seventh lunar month every year

Taichung City Government will free space in the old station waiting room renovations Hakka Cultural Park, the museum exudes a deep sense of Hakka culture's architectural style, in addition to Hakka Cultural furnishings, also holds occasional Hakka performances, Hakka cultural revitalization.
Hours: 9:00 - 17:00, Mondays Tel: 04-25888634

Traditional blacksmith shop making the effort and high temperatures. But in the mechanization of farm machinery, appliances increasing popularity gradually declined blacksmith shop, the streets of the old master blacksmith sound, and more and more weak, coming into the history of the blacksmith shop, well worth you to discover the final figure.

Tatami factory now declining, step tatami are required to make fairly laborious and time-consuming. After Lin natural straw and grass handmade tatami used after a long sun exposure and professional processing, pest control effect is good, good ventilation, not wet, having to reconcile the indoor humidity function, distributing natural flavors, sleep more healthy!