Breeze gallop green corridor, explore Donshih's simple and beautiful, converted from the old railway from Donshih's history has flourished carrier multiplication, and now has become one of Taiwan's most famous cyclists the most beautiful bike paths, the scenery along the way accompanied by magnificent scenery and historical culture was built, all people feel the memory of the old days, we had the most beautiful scenery in this memory.

Dong Feng green corridor, a potential history of Eastern branch of the old railway, now in Taichung City Government's plan to become the country's first converted from an old railroad bike lanes, twelve kilometers in length beauty, with adjacent broad Dajia Creek, every holiday will always attract a lot of tourists come to ride and enjoy the changing seasons and the mountains field scenery and full of history and culture and was built attractions, it is refreshing.

There are many sights worth seeing along the driveway, four seasons fruit orchards recoverable, or to taste in wine, DIY wineries can taste the flavor of the place pheasant dishes in a restaurant, walk run out of food 921 to the opposite side of Memorial Park and enjoy the beautiful lakes and mountains, the holiday is so at ease and comfortable!

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